Got Digestion Issues? – Avoid these Foods

Got Digestion Issues? – Avoid these Foods

gutXSmallGot digestion issues? It is estimated that up to 70 million Americans suffer from some form of digestive issue – ranging from chronic constipation to serious and even life-threatening conditions, such as Crohn’s disease.

And while digestive issues can stem from a wide variety of causes, there’s one factor quite often overlooked – CARBOHYDRATES. I recommend you start with a Sugar Cleanse as an easy way to begin your wellness journey. Is Food your medicine or your poison? Small changes in your diet can have profound effects on depression, anxiety, brain health and every chronic illness.  It is amazing how much we can support our gut with making small shifts in our diet.

Healing the root cause of digestive disease starts with calming full body inflammation. Most of the time your doctor will treat the symptoms of digestive issues only (what I call the smoke) where we want to treat the FIRE of inflammation itself. What is causing that smoke?

A high carbohydrate diet is pro inflammatory. It can modify the gut microbiome and can significantly alter the body’s inflammation. Changes in the ratios of major classes of gut bacteria are caused by many things including processed foods, refined carbohydrates, gluten and this can have significant consequences such as the  gut lining can break down (leaky gut). This gut permeability mediates many chronic illnesses. Did you know your gut bacteria out number your human cells by 10 to 1? These gut bacteria also manufacture our neurotransmitters and even affect the expression of our genes! We need to take care of our gut and learn everyday habits to keep our gut healthy. Remember to take your probiotics!

So we need to be able to take a “FIRST STEP” . When I started following the Sugar Buster Program, my digestive issues improved, I had no bloating and lost my sugar cravings and now years later I still feel AMAZING!

The Sugar Buster Program works, plain and simple, and it can be customized for you. You will get meal plans, and supplement suggestions and digestion and detox support if you are looking for that. Lots of great tips such as being aware of too many gluten free products as they can be loaded with carbohydrates.

By the way…. as an added feature, when you work on your gut, you also work on your brain! Lets talk about that in another blog!

Look for my next blog on my top Five tips to restore your gut bacteria!