I mentor wellness-minded women thrive by creating optimal health while increasing their impact and their income!

A powerful health system and community to grow you + your wellness business

Do you have a longing in your soul for making a difference in this health care system of ours?
Are you looking for something more in your life and career, but not knowing what, exactly, that is yet?

Just imagine…working from home, having total control over your schedule, inspiring people to be healthier on a daily basis, and getting paid to teach about the things you love!

Having your own wellness business sounds amazing, right?
But the price tag and time investment that comes with starting your own business isn’t so amazing.

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What if you were able to start your own wellness business with a mentor and community to support you AND start immediately?

Well, you can!

Because quality of life, personal freedom and financial prosperity can and should co-exist with the co-creative genius of my wonderful business partner, Dr. Deborah Kern, we have created the WellPRO International Wellness Team.

Here’s what you need to know about the business:

What’s even more amazing is that the moment you join our team, you’ll have access to the Clear The Way Digestion and Detox Online Program.

Here’s what you need to know about Clear The Way Digestion and Detox Program:

You don’t have to build your own online program. All you need to do is refer your customers to this program that’s been done for you. And you’ll be walking away with the skills that you need to grow your business immediately.

If you were to join WellPRO and begin referring people to Clear The Way, you could begin making money on day one.

Now that’s what I call amazing.



Dr. Karen’s wellness team is for wellness-minded individuals (what I call “Wellness Seekers”) and professionals who believe in the importance of wellness and are looking for a way to share the message of wellness, improve their income and create a lifestyle of joy and freedom. It is a way for us collectively to change the world, reach more people, become more wellness aware and change our bank account! All at the same time!

You can have it all! Live a life of meaning and purpose, be of service to the world, have the time freedom to do exactly what you desire.

When you join the team you have the opportunity to create your own wellness business that has an easy to follow system and proven business model to change your quality of life without drastically interrupting your current commitments (family, work, life). With my mentor, you get to design your life the way you want to (less stress, more flexibility and very fulfilling) and achieve your own wellness and financial goals. My team and I provide in-depth mentoring, a turnkey business system and training to help you achieve your own personal wellness and financial goals.

Complete the form above and set up a personal consultation with Dr. Karen to see if this team is a good fit for you!

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