Gut Check! Take the Quiz

Gut Quiz

Your gut is at the core of your good health

The dietary and lifestyle decisions you make shape your gut health

Gut Check! Take the Quiz

Answer these seven questions to check the state of your digestive health.

I.  How often do you consume high-fiber foods? (fruits, vegetables, beans, oats, nuts, seeds, whole grains)

(3) Frequently
(2) Occasionally
(1) Rarely

II.  How often do you consume probiotic-containing yogurts/drinks or fermented foods/drinks? (Kefir, kimchee, kombucha, sauerkraut, tempeh, miso, and more.)

(3) Frequently
(2) Occasionally
(1) Rarely

III.  Were you breastfed as an infant?

(1) Yes
(0) No
(0) Don’t Know

IV.  How often do you feel a lot of normal, everyday stress?

(1) Frequently
(2) Occasionally
(3) Rarely

V.  How often do you experience bloating after a meal, gas, or constipation?

(1) Frequently
(2) Occasionally
(3) Rarely

VI.  How often do you travel?

(1) Frequently
(2) Occasionally
(3) Rarely

VII.  How much cardiovascular exercise do you get per week?

(1) 0-60 minutes
(2) 61-90 minutes
(3) 91-120 minutes
(4) 121-150 minutes
(5) More than 150 minutes

Add Up Your Answers to Get Your Gut Check Score

Once you’ve totaled the numbers by your responses, see what your gut check score is telling you.

10 or Below

Your Gut Feelings: Room for Improvement

Your gut may be a little out of balance, so take action today to get your digestive system on the right track. The three most powerful steps that you can take now are:

  1. Add more high-fiber foods to your diet.
  2. Keep a food journal to identify any food sensitivities. Then reduce or remove those foods from your diet.
  3. Try adding a probiotic supplement and/or digestive enzymes to your daily routine to help support digestive health.

Your Gut Feelings: Good to Go

You’re taking steps to keep your gut healthy. Way to go! Keep up the good work and take a look at any other improvements you could make:

Aim for 150+ minutes of exercise per week.

Try adding some fermented foods or more fiber-rich foods to keep feeding your good bacteria.

Give a boost to your belly with a probiotic supplement to help maintain overall digestive health.


Your Gut Feelings: In Great Shape

Your gut is in great shape! Stay focused on eating a high-fiber diet and foods without antibiotics or other chemicals. And keep your stress in check. If you don’t already, try adding a probiotic supplement to get the most out of your healthy diet. Also, if you plan on traveling soon, a probiotic might help reduce the likelihood of mild and common travelers’ stomach upset.

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SOURCE – Ask The Scientist Gut Check: See What You Score on the Digestive Health Quiz

This information is for educational use only and is not meant to replace medical advice. Please consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making any decisions or taking any actions based on the content provided.

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