If you have been struggling with menopausal weight gain and wonder what advice to follow ….. you have come to the right place!
So many of us struggle with diets and exercise and conflicting advice about how to love your body and be healthy and vital as you age.   You are not alone!

My FREE ebook will get you off to a good start.

You will learn

  • Why pleasure, trust, intuitive eating and honoring desires of the body/mind are key to a body you feel great in.
  • How stress can take you out of balance and create cravings that push you further out of balance.
  • To reclaim the meaning of the word “diet” as a positive word. 
  • Six reasons that our body shape changes with age.
  • To accept yourself as you are right now.
  • Affirmations that encourage you to bring new, better ways of being and thinking into your life.
  • The answer to the most frequent questions I get asked ….. “What should I eat?”
  • How better-quality sleep can help your waistline? 

In the FREE EBOOK, I reveal

How to reclaiming the meaning of the word “DIET”.

6 Reasons our body shape changes with age.

The restrictive diet approach and the permission non-diet approach.

The 6 Keys to avoid menopausal weight gain without dieting.

The Ten Conscious Body Eating Habits.

How to take “next steps” in your wellness journey.

Here is what clients have said about the power of Dr Karen’s work…

Meet Dr Karen

Dr Karen is an Holistic Health Coach, Women’s Wellness Expert and Wellness Business Mentor. 

For over twenty years, she has been a leading voice to discern how to use the massive amounts of information in the field of nutrition, mind/body medicine and functional medicine. With scientifically sound principles, she will offer tips, motivation, and inspiration to support your total health and wellness. 

Through her Sugar Buster Program, she has guided hundreds of women to transform their lives with a lifestyle program that shifts the sabotaging behaviors and destructive lifestyle habits.

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