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How Many Cells are in the Human Body?

I was asked today how many cells are in the human body. Good question. I thought I would blog about what I found out. Our cells can’t fill out census forms, so they can’t tell you themselves. And while it’s…

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How I Make Money with Purpose

It is my own personal growth journey to share with you how I make money with purpose. It is personal growth because I have a reluctance to talk about money and also to share my business model . The business…

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Do you Steer Clear of Cereals?

Do you steer clear of cereals? I recommend you do! It’s not just kids’ cereals that are too sweet. Adult cereals like Kashi GoLean Crunch have 3 teaspoons of added sugars per (3/4 cup) serving. The Environmental Working Group (EWG)…

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