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Your Brain on Food

Your Brain on food is a new paradigm in medicine (even though it is an ancient concept). There is an important movement in psychiatry called nutritional psychiatry. It seems common sense, but, few psychiatrists prescribe "food" as part of their…

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Why Are Women At Greater Risk for Alzheimer’s?

Why Are Women At Greater Risk for Alzheimer's? Alzheimer’s disproportionately impacts women, not just because we live longer – but for a myriad of reasons. What Is Alzheimer's Disease? Dementia isn’t a specific disease. Rather, dementia describes a group of…

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Healthy Snacking Ideas – PODCAST

Snacking while working at home can be tricky when we are so close to the refrigerator all the time. Here are my Top Ten Healthy Snack ideas To get you started, CLICK HERE for  video about Low Glycemic Snacking My…

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