PrintYour gut matters!

Unfortunately, many of us eating the Standard American Diet, taking medications and antibiotics, using antibacterial soaps and cleaners, and living a fast-paced, high-stress lifestyle are creating a difficult time for our friendly gut  flora and, instead, are giving the bad bacterial  gut flora the upper hand.

We have a huge array of gut bacteria that has a huge impact on our immune system, digestion, hormones, mood, and overall health.  In turn, our lifestyle also has a major impact on the microbes.  Everything from the food we eat, to the way we think, to the way we are born, influence the creatures that take up residence in our gut.

The diverse population of residents living inside your intestine is often referred to as the “gut flora” or gut microbiota and is comprised of at least 1000 different species.  It is believed that about one third of the microbes are common across the board in most people, with the remaining two-thirds being completely unique to each individual.  The leaders of this microbial metropolis are known as the “essential flora.”  They keep the peace by controlling unfriendly and unproductive members of the bacterial community, while also performing some very important functions necessary for human health.

When the gut flora is balanced, our systems run efficiently; but when it’s not, we may begin to feel vaguely out of sorts.  This is the first sign that your essential flora is in trouble.

Our essential gut flora play a very important role in our health and well-being, so it is only right that we treat them with respect and give them the proper care and feeding that they deserve.