Sochi and Living the Dream

Sochi and Living the Dream
Work with Dr. Karen Wolfe

DrKarenin ActionThe 2014  Sochi Winter  Olympics have begun.  I have gained so many lifelong  benefits  from my own experience as a competitive athlete (swimmer). Things like focus, determination, strength of body and mind, confidence and a sense of validation. I also learned that you cannot win all the time and in business I don’t use the word “failure” so much as just learning from every experience.

The gifts I am especially grateful for from sports are focus, drive and discipline. I would get up at five o’clock in the morning to swim for 2 hours before school five days a week. Then I swam for another two hours in the evening. Swimming is a lonely sport. You are in your own sort of “bubble” in the swimming pool.  When I was doing lap after lap I would be thinking and planning. You are just taking one stroke after another with your head down.  My demeanor is pretty much the same in my life now as it was as a competitive swimmer. I was not loud when I won and  I tend to keep my emotions somewhat even and am more meditative than loud.

I remember I was able to think better, focus better, and get my school work done quicker than those who did not do competitive sports. I learned how to balance my sport with my academics. Of course, swimming also prepared me for the physical demands of medical school and residency.

It is no accident that I am now “living the dream” as a wellness business founder of WellPRO International. I have my own wellness coaching business that attracts wonderful entrepreneurial and holistic minded people from all walks of life who want to dramatically improve their health, lifestyles and incomes as well as inspire others to do the same. I even have a WELLNESS COACH CERTIFICATION that was created in partnership with my great friend, Dr Deborah Kern. I can see now how the seeds of WellPRO International began way back in my swimming career when I had wonderful coaches and mentors who showed me  how to be true to myself and how to to create a successful, thriving life based on my unique dreams and goals.

Let the games begin!