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MontrealMost moms play a major role in the life of a young competitive athlete.  The Sochi Olympics has brought back many memories of my time as an olympic level swimmer. The behind the scenes stories are so captivating. The story of the two mothers (Cheryl Davis and Jacqui White) of the USA Ice Dancing Gold Medal favorite Partners,  made me reflect  on how much time my mom spent at swimming pools day in and day out to support me.  Cheryl and Jacqui have become as much a team as their kids Meryl and Charlie. Meryl and Charlie are among the favorites to win the ice dancing gold medal at the Winter Games in Sochi.  Their kids were 7 (Charlie White) and 8 (Meryl Davis) when were first paired up.

I remember the many dark and cold early mornings at the poolside when mom would wait while I trained up and down the pool. Also there was every afternoon after school that she would be waiting for me in the school parking lot to drive me to the 4pm – 6pm training.

Even though my swimming career was 38 years ago, I still say it was #becauseofmom that I was able to achieve so much at such a young age.

Thanks mom!

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