COSTA RICA2009 423Want to know my sunburn remedies? Even though it is FREEZING in a lot of parts of the USA, my husband is fishing in Costa Rica and needed some sunburn treatment advice! Here it is

To relieve swollen feet and ankles due to sunburn, bring a quart of water to a boil. Add five to six tea bags. Let the pot cool. Dip a cloth in the tea and place on sunburned area for 15 minutes. ELEVATE FEET AFTER

Aloe will help relieve the pain and draw out some of the redness.

Do not use any oil based lotions.

Avoid wearing shoes.

Keep legs elevated.

Keep a cold compress on the swollen areas. Frozen peas is good if you don’t have anything cold

Keep hydrated! Skin gets dehydrated and needs lots of water. Dehydration causes swelling so drink cold water, use lots of aloe, and ice packs or cold compresses on the swollen areas