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Are You An Emotional Eater?

human brain with hands and fork in front of a cerealsi dish, 3d illustration

I personally feel that much of our eating is “emotional eating”.  What do I mean by this statement?  Emotional eating is another way to look at cravings.  When you are not responding to natural hunger, you have to be responding to something other than true hunger.

Eating is one of the pleasures in life.  Many of us, instead of eating to live, are living to eat. There is a lot of emotion involved in what we eat and how we eat.  You may find yourself planning your entire day around when and where you will eat.  If you are under a lot of stress, you may find yourself eating uncontrollably.  Obviously, this type of eating is unhealthy.

Many of us are trapped in this cycle of emotional eating. Food has become our only true friend or enjoyment. When anyone tries to take this friend away from you, they better be aware of the danger!  This is sometimes the hardest of eating habits to deal with.

Hopefully, you are finding more and more victory over any emotional eating in your life because you have gotten out of what I refer to as a carbohydrate addiction.  Writing down everything that you eat is very important in breaking this cycle. It is more important to honest than perfect.  Everyone is going to eat something that they know is not good for them or that they shouldn’t be eating. Carbohydrate addiction is one of the major driving forces behind this type of eating.

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