Tips for Eating Right on the Road – PART 1- AIR TRAVEL

Tips for Eating Right on the Road – PART 1- AIR TRAVEL

Want tips for eating right on the road? No matter if you’re flying, driving, or taking a train, travel can wreak havoc on your diet. It doesn’t have to. Just follow these tips for better travel nutrition.

Air Travel

Plan Ahead: If you’ll be flying during meal time, don’t miss the opportunity to eat. Travel is tiring. Keeping a regular eating schedule sustains energy and prevents you from overeating once you arrive at your destination. Bring snacks with you in your carry-on luggage. Pack food that travels well. Dried fruit, nuts, and low-glycemic bars take up little space and will stay fresh on the plane.

At the Airport or On the Plane: Flying can be stressful. So, don’t fill up on foods that will make you feel heavy, bloated, and sick. Airport dining and in-flight meals often feature food high in sugar, salt, and artificial preservatives. These ingredients may be tasty, but they fail to provide you the lasting satisfaction that follows a healthy meal.

Try to find an airport restaurant with a sit-down environment. Choose a balanced meal from the menu and eat it slowly. Listen to your body’s hunger cues and don’t overeat. A stomach full of good, wholesome food will provide you will steady energy throughout your flight. A stomach stuffed with unhealthy foods won’t do you any favors in the air.

If you want to eat on the plane, become familiar with the in-flight menu. Choose a meal that provides fruits and vegetables and protein, and whole grain. Making well-balanced choices in transit can help keep unnecessary snacking under control.

When choosing between complimentary in-flight snacks, look for a nutritious option. Ask a crew member if fresh fruit is available. Dry roasted peanuts provide more sustainable energy than crackers or cookies. And drink wisely, too. Water helps keep you hydrated, while too much caffeinated soda might send you running to the bathroom. airport restaurantis a mild diuretic—and if you consume too much, it could increase urine output.) Should you order an alcoholic beverage, limit yourself to one drink to avoid excess calorie consumption.