What’s the Latest Scoop on Caffeine? – PART 1

What’s the Latest Scoop on Caffeine? – PART 1

COFFE CUP2XSmallWhat’s the latest scoop on caffeine?  It is the most popular addictive drug available.  Many people seem to feel a need to use it daily, and many can’t function until they’ve had their “fix”. Caffeine is most commonly delivered in the form of coffee.

But why do we love caffeine so much? The list of its adverse effects should really put us off:

  • palpitations and headache
  • promotes reflux
  • increases cortisol
  • increases calcium loss from bones
  • reduces sleep quality

So why would anyone want to risk experimenting with it?

One possible answer is that we just can’t get enough of its stimulant effect, which is mostly caused by adenosine inhibition (which is why it is known to measurably improve performance in sport and in situations where alertness may be reduced by fatigue).

Also, unlike other available stimulants, it’s cheap and  easy to obtain. It’s fast, too, peaking in the bloodstream within about an hour of consumption and wearing off about four hours after an average dose in most people.

PART 2 discusses the relative dosages of caffeine.