What’s the Latest Scoop on Caffeine Dosage? – PART 2

What’s the Latest Scoop on Caffeine Dosage? – PART 2

COFFE CUP2XSmallWhat’s the Latest Scoop on Caffeine dosage? Yesterday we spoke about the dangers of caffeine and let’s look at how much caffeine is in that coffee and chocolate.

A standard coffee has between 80 and 100 milligrams of caffeine. In comparison, a can of normal coke or a cup of hot or iced tea may have around 30 to 50mg. And a decaffeinated coffee, a hot chocolate or chocolate milk or a square of dark chocolate may have about five milligrams.

The dose can also be affected by how you consume it. A lighter coffee roast is higher in caffeine and adding milk or sugar to a caffeine drink slows its emptying from the stomach so that it’s absorbed more slowly.

 Caffeine raises blood pressure by constricting the blood vessels, but only for a short while. It does increase calcium loss, but this occurs at significant levels only when intake is more than two to four cups of coffee a day and possibly only in people who already have. The effects on bone health is controversial,

Good news research is showing some interesting health benefits…SEE PART 3 TOMORROW