Unexpected Lesson From Being Mother of the Bride

Unexpected Lesson From Being Mother of the Bride
Unexpected Lesson From Being Mother of the Bride
Unexpected Lesson From Being Mother of the Bride

I had a huge awakening that I hope helps you if you have the pleasure and privilege of having a daughter (or son) get married. It’s a change that is almost as profound for parents as it is for the bride and groom.

It was a whole year of planning filled with excitement and anticipation of a wonderful celebration. I loved that my daughter and I had lots of quality time together in the planning stages. We were so well organized. We chose amazing vendors and had a fabulous venue that supported us every step of the way.

My big awakening came the week before the wedding.  So many emotions started rolling in and out for me that I hadn’t expected!  I was so blessed to have my best buddy, Deb Kern, with me that entire week. I needed her! She was my “Emotional Ombudsman”.

I was not prepared for my own emotional roller coaster that week. The tears flowed so easily that week and I started to wonder how I was going to get through all the tender moments of the wedding day without being an emotional mess!

Talk about emotional!  (and beautiful since feeling all these things is such a special gift)

Unexpected Lesson From Being Mother of the BrideI had my “wing woman” to support me in this major transformation. Everyone needs that!

Yet again, I was reminded that community = immunity. We need support as we navigate any major transformation in our life.

With support, I was able to know …..

My emotions were real.
This is a normal part of any major life transformation.
I could move through them with love and support!

The day of the wedding I was able to embrace every beautiful, tender moment and move through each one with a sense of love in my heart, because I had done the work of allowing my emotions to be felt and validated.

I also had another amazing “Mother-of-The -Bride” who journeyed with me through all the details of planning a wedding. You can read Marie’s story HERE.

This lesson of “support” applies to all major changes in our life. We don’t have to follow the “lone ranger syndrome”. That is why I provide a group environment for my Health Programs and I have a team of amazing coaches I work with to navigate the ups and downs of the life of a Healthpreneur!

Helen Keller was right….. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

I am so grateful.

To our good health,