The Scariest Part of Halloween is Sugar

The Scariest Part of Halloween is Sugar

CANDY ISLEThe scariest part of Halloween for me is the SUGAR! I am a recovering sugar addict. Sugar is my drug of choice! It is through my own personal journey that I share and now teach my discoveries about sugar addiction. I was never taught any of this in medical school, so I have had to create my own path. I now have learned that sugar in excess is implicated in so many behaviors and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, mood/eating disorders, obesity, diabetes, and other addictions. As I have healed myself, I have been able to help so many other people.


Many people view sugar cravings as lack of willpower, when in reality I believe these cravings are important messages meant to help me maintain balance. I have learned that cravings are my body’s response to underlying imbalances, and I use food as a kind of medicine to regulate my current inner state.

 The big problem that arises when coping with sugar addiction is that sugar is in so many common foods; it’s practically impossible to cut it out completely. It’s in salad dressing, ketchup, soup, pickles, bread, jam, yogurt, canned fruits and more!

 Are you wondering if your body is addicted to sugar too?

 The more you answer “yes” to these questions, the more likely you have a sugar addiction.

·       Are your favorite foods bread, cookies, yogurt, cereal, rice pasta and popcorn?

·       Do you have nighttime cravings for sweets?

·       Do you feel powerless over sugar cravings?

·       Do you eat (or think about) sweets many times in the day?

·       Have you have gained weight around the midline and can’t seems to lose it, even with lots of exercise?

·       Have you tried many diets and always seem to gain the weight back?

·       Do you feel tired, moody and /or bloated after eating a high carbohydrate meal or snack?

 Biochemical imbalance is implicated in sugar addiction in a similar way to someone who is addicted to heroin, cocaine or nicotine. The behavior of sugar bingeing is similar to an alcoholic “binge”. In fact, most recovering alcoholics often switch to sugar as another easily available drug.

Did you find yourself nodding your head to any of this information? I am hoping some of this information is empowering to you and helps you understand that making conscious healthy lifestyle choices every day can have a positive effect on your biochemistry and can keep sugar cravings away! Join me next week for a 5 DAY SUGAR CLEANSE