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The Five “C’s” of Resilience – The Secret Power Of Stress PODCAST EPISODE 3

The Five “C’s” of Resilience,  developed by Dr. Joel Bennett and staff at Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems, are known as the five competencies of resilience.

These are a useful tool to assess our own unique resiliency skills. I have found the concept very useful in my own life. In this Podcast I review a process for you to assess your own resiliency!

Resilience is the ability to recover from adversity, where you return to a normal or higher level of functioning. It also

The Five “C’s” of Resilience

There is a “Map” to explore and identify your own unique meaning of resilience. I have found the five competencies that comprise resilience a useful tool for reflection and awareness

  1. Centering (Coping)
  2. Confidence (Control)
  3. Community (Care)
  4. Commitment (Calling)
  5. Compassion (Character)

The following exercise is from the book Raw Coping Power: From Stress to Thriving by Joel Bennett, PhD. It helps you get in touch with your own personal resilience.

The Five "C's" of Resilience - The Secret Power Of Stress PODCAST EPISODE 3Test Your Own Resiliency

Reflect on each question to become aware of your own strengths in each of the Five “C’s” of Resilience.


  • I practice healthy eating, exercise and mindfulness as part of my coping skill.
  • I slow down and take a break when I need.


  • Faith and inner strength have helped me through difficult times
  • People I know consider that I am competent and self-assured.


  • There is at least one person in my life I can tell my troubles to.
  • I have others I care for and support me.
  • I ask for support when I need it.


  • I persist in solving things rather than giving up easily.
  • I usually accomplish what we set my mind to.


  • People I know consider me a kind, generous or sympathetic person.
  • I recall a time when I helped someone through a hard time.

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