Introducing Tuesday’s Nutrition Topics

Introducing Tuesday’s Nutrition Topics

Tuesday Nutrition Topics Q&A

There is a basic truth in the nutrition world…DIETS DON’T WORK. Yet fad diets continue to flood our media and many people continue to eat poorly and gain weight.. Let’s stop the craziness!

It’s time for a reality check. I have created Tuesday Nutrition Topics to decipher FACT from FICTION and answer your questions.

All of life is nutrition. My goal is to support you to nourish your whole life.

I believe that having healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, an exercise routine and a spiritual practice are as important to our health as our daily diet and the path to fulfillment is one step at a time.

Let’s learn together!

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Please send me your nutrition questions to [email protected] and each Tuesday I will come to your inbox and share your questions and answers.

See you next Tuesday!