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Functional Medicine Heavy Metal Test results

About a month ago I did a urinary test to assess my heavy metal toxic load. A chelation (provocation) agent was used that increased my urinary excretion of the metals/elements in my body I have a copy here of my results and it seems that just living can give us heavy metal toxic loads

Apparently all the levels “should” be at zero. You can see I have some levels that go past the GREEN ZONE and into the YELLOW ZONE which is probably not great. However I do live in the Los Angeles basin so I am not surprised.

It doesn’t feel great to have mercury, lead and nickel levels hanging around. It seems these heavy metals are fat soluble and they sit in my fat cells and delay fat loss. What to do?

Now I am on a regimen of 3 days of chelation and 3 days of mineralization and taking HEPASIL which is a liver detoxification supplement with milk thistle and tumeric. I will let you know how that goes!

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