My Top Tips for Dressing for Success

My Top Tips for Dressing for Success

I was asked to write an article on my top tips for “dressing for success”. I had to think a little as it was not a topic I have given a whole lot of thought to, but then I started to have fun creating my version of how to dress for success!

I pulled out of my closet  my favorite outfit that I love to speak in and then I put pen to paper and thought I would share with you what I came up with. Feel free to share what you think!


1. Know your audience and dress slightly above their “code of dress”

2  Do not wear too many patterns that distract from YOU as the main message.

3. Do not wear anything revealing that will distract

4  Be comfortable

5. Think about how you want to use color to express yourself. I love red when I am speaking as I feel it projects confidence

6. Remember your breath! Keep it fresh

7. Keep jewelry minimal as it also distracts

8. Remember well groomed shoes and keep stilettos for evening fun

9. Wear a SMILE!

10. Learn about your specific body type and what styles enhance your best features


MENS TIPS (prepared by Dr Karen’s Corporate Sales Husband)

1. When in doubt, overdress. Do not under dress

2. Do not wear clothes that are too tight. It is better for them to be larger than smaller

3. Make sure ties and shoes are fashionable current

4. Make sure your clothes/suits are fashion current. Fashion changes rapidly and it is good to have the current “look”