Making Kindness Contagious Now!

Making Kindness Contagious Now!

Making Kindness Contagious now is my new idea for a positive pandemic! Little did I know that I am not the only one thinking about this!

The “Make Kindness Contagious” theme was first introduced in 2004, when an Anaheim City -Council member was inspired by Natasha Sarah Jaievsky, a young Anaheim resident who sought to be kind to family, friends, and strangers. The Make Kindness Contagious logo is, in fact, her drawing.

In 2002, a tragic accident claimed Natasha’s life at age 6, but the memory of her actions and kind spirit remain an inspiration.

Making Kindness Contagious Now

I recently met Kath Koschel, the founder of the The Kindness Factory™ which is a Not For Profit organization based in Australia and the USA.

Making Kindness ContagiousKath has started a powerful kindness movement!

A former professional cricketer and Iron Man competitor, Kath has defied all medical prognoses by teaching herself to walk on three separate occasions. Despite facing other serious personal, mental and physical setbacks, her resilience allowed her not only to overcome these challenges, but also see the good in the world when most others couldn’t.

In November 2015, she founded Kindness Factory, with a goal of encouraging and inspiring 1 million acts of kindness. To date, she has raised close to half- a- million dollars for various charity organizations and  has now become a global kindness movement, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life.

The Kindness Factory focus is in communities and schools, along with funding valuable research and insights into kindness, collaborating with like-minded people and organizations who share our passion for kindness.

The funds they raise, go towards educational programs in schools and universities, ensuring the next generation grows up with a foundation of kindness.

Kindness Log

CLICK HERE to log your act of kindness and be part of  making kindness contagious now.

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