My Inflammation Transformation

My Inflammation Transformation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAafter HAWAIIWelcome to my inflammation transformation. When I look at these photos it makes me so grateful that I learned about the role of inflammation (and how sugar creates inflammation) in my life!

For so many years I exercised and thought I was eating right but I had no idea that carbohydrates played such a huge role in holding onto weight and actually set up a resistance to releasing weight!

I can so vividly remember how I felt in that “before” photo. I had a smile, but inside I felt tired, frustrated with my weight and to be honest, embarrassed that I was teaching about health, but didn’t feel healthy.

Free at last! And it was not hard! Who knew that sugar is the new fat! I have learned so much about the impact that every kind of sugar has on the body! I thought I was eating healthy with lots of fruit and salads, but little did I know it was keeping my blood sugar high and the weight on!  For me it was a step by step process. The 5 Day Sugar Cleanse was my first experience of having no sugar cravings. After those 5 days I was able to adapt a different way of eating that has less fruit and more protein and vegetables and no bread, rice, potatoes or pasta! Then I moved into a 30 Day Vitality Program.

Since our gut makes approximately  90% of our serotonin and and 80% of our immune system , it is important to focus on gut health. My 30 Day Vitality Program does that! I now have a lifestyle plan that works for me every day! I have more energy, my concentration is better, I sleep better and I can keep my natural weight without dieting! Free at last!