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How Movement Can Help Move Emotions with SPECIAL GUEST Dr Deb Kern

How Movement Can Help Move EmotionsIn this Dr Karen Health Show Podcast episode, Dr Deb Kern shares how emotions can get blocked in the body and how important it is to allow these emotions to FLOW and MOVE. She discusses a practice for us to connect to our inner knowing to awaken the health of your mind, body, and spirit.

About Dr Deb

Dr. Deb’s years of practice as a nurse, health educator, personal trainer, yoga teacher, Nia teacher a yoga therapist combined with her life experiences have given her insights not found in books.  She has observed, time and time again, that when we take actions in our own healing and become aware of the patterns that disconnect body and mind, miracles can occur in every area of our lives—and she adores inspiring others to experience these miracles.

She’s the the author of Everyday Wellness for Women and Create the Body Your Soul Desires, creatrix of a healing movement practice called PranaShakti™ Dance and the mom of an amazing young man.

CLICK HERE for Dr Deb’s Website and schedule of virtual classes

How Movement Can Help Move Emotions

  • Low energy
  • Feeling stuck
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your body
  • Lack of full, radiant confidence & self-love
  • Stress, overwhelm, & unprocessed emotions
  • Feeling like you don’t get enough time for yourself

How Movement Can Help Move Emotions with SPECIAL GUEST Dr Deb KernWhat People Are Saying About  Dr Deb’s Dance Classes

“Dr. Deb Kern is a genius. She combines several types of music and dance to create an empowering and unique dance experience. Dancing with her has given me insight and confidence not only in my body but in my entire being. I absolutely recommend dancing with her!” — Judith

“After each class with Deb, I remember… Oh, this is what it feels like to be clear and open. This is what it feels like to be ME! It’s like a reset on every level—body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit. I feel so free to be myself in the space Deb creates, and always leave with my heart blasted open, feeling so connected to my truth, purity, self-love, and the Divine.”

— Torie
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