20 Ways to Practice Self-Care in Under 20 Minutes

20 Ways to Practice Self-Care in Under 20 Minutes

12 Ways to Practice Self-Care in Under 20 Minutes20  Ways to Practice Self-Care in Under 20 Minutes is designed to inspire you to find ways to incorporate self-care into your hectic routine.

Do you  wish you had more time to yourself, but your busy schedule doesn’t usually allow for it?

It is important to care for ourselves using the little time we have.

Self-care practices don’t have to take hours out of our day. In fact, even a few minutes of self-care sprinkled throughout the day can make a HUGE difference in how we feel.

I have come up with a list of 20  ways to practice self-care, even if you only  have 20 minutes to spare.

What Is Self Care?

Self-care means different things to different people.

Even if you have never consciously practiced self-care, you still take care of yourself in some way every day. Brushing your teeth is self-care. Taking a walk is self-care. Talking to a friend is self-care.

At its core, self-care means caring for yourself to improve your mental and physical health and wellness. Because the concept is so broad, it encompasses a range of activities, including basic necessities.

20  Ways to Practice Self-Care in Under 20 Minutes

  1. Color in a coloring book.
  2. Go for a short walk.
  3. Listen to music you love.
  4. Read some inspirational quotes.
  5. Listen and dance to your favorite song.
  6. Read a chapter of a book before bed.
  7. Unplug for 20 minutes.
  8. Call someone you love.
  9. Apply a face mask.
  10. Stretch or do yoga.
  11. Make a list of things you’re grateful for.
  12. Play with your pet.
  13. Speed clean your workspace.
  14. Free flow write in a journal and see what comes out of your mind.
  15. Get lost doing a puzzle.
  16. Soak in a bath.
  17. Go through vacation photos.
  18. Close your eyes and just relax!
  19. Hand write a thank you note and mail it.
  20. Take a power nap.

This is actually a very short list designed to get to you thinking about all the ways you can add a little self-care to your day! I hope it inspires you to create your own list.

Self Care Helps With Resilience

I believe we all have an inborn, innate capacity to meet stress head on and transform stress into growth. I see it every day. We are resilient. We are able to bounce back and learn.

A key feature of resilience is setting lifestyle habits that support our mental, emotional ,physical and spiritual health.

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