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Your Lifestyle Affects Your Body Chemistry

Every day, whether we know it or not, we alter our brain chemistry. We do this through what we eat,  how we exercise, how we sleep, our daily activities and how we think. These changes in brain biochemistry help to create our moods, emotions and intellectual functioning.

The mechanism behind HOW this occurs is through a powerful group of chemicals inside the brain (and body) called neurotransmitters.  It is interesting  to note that many of these neurotransmitters are found in the gut! Neurotransmitters create a wide spectrum of feelings, moods and thoughts. Everything from feelings of self confidence, self esteem, enhanced memory and deep sleep.

During the past thirty years, science has learned that neurotransmitters can be affected, often dramatically, by a wide variety of everyday behaviors. One of the most powerful – and fast acting –  is the food we eat.

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