Worried About Corona Virus? – Top Ten Things We Can Do

Worried About Corona Virus? – Top Ten Things We Can Do

Worried About Corona Virus? – Here Are Top Ten Things We Can Do.

There is “viral” panic right now that is causing pain to the economy and our quality of life. When we are faced with something that feels “out of control” it is good to focus on  steps we can take that can have a positive impact. Right now, the situation is very fluid and changing every day and a good focus is on strategies that we know can slow down the spread of this disease. This information is provided as a guide to be used with the well respected sources such as www.cdc.gov.

For some answers to commonly asked questions,  read Worried About Corona Virus? What You Need to Know PART 1

Here Are Top Ten Things We Can Do.

  1. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your face, especially
    1. after visiting the restroom
    2. before eating
    3. after blowing your nose
    4. after coughing, sneezing or touching your face
    5. after being in shared spaces

If you use hand sanitizers, make sure they are at least 60% alcohol.I prefer hand washing as hand sanitizers affect our microbiome and can actually lower your immune system and make you more vulnerable to getting a virus

Face masks should not be worn by the public right now, unless you are the person who is sick and you’re on your way to or actually at the doctor’s office. Wearing a face mask won’t offer much protection because the virus can transmit through the eyes and tiny viral particles, known as aerosols, can penetrate face masks. yet, due to “viral panic”  face masks are back-ordered and people are buying diapers instead and wrapping them around their faces to keep from getting infected.

  1. Disinfect the objects you and other people touch, especially people outside your family–like door handles.
  2. Embrace the “fist bump”and Practice “Social distancing.” This means
      • keeping apart from one another (preferably 6 feet apart)
      • sanitizing shared objects
      • telecommute if you can
      • fist bump instead of touching hands
      • cancel non-essential travel
  1. If you are sick, stay home. This is called “self-quarantine” if you suspect you may be ill, call your doctor’s office to ask about your treatment plan. If someone suspects they have coronavirus, they should consult with their doctor and public health professionals. Coronavirus has a range of symptoms and can be more dangerous to those with underlying conditions. People who suspect they have coronavirus should also call ahead before visiting the doctor so physicians can be prepared.
  2. Stock up with essentials for a home quarantine situation by buying 2 weeks’ worth of essential items. Refill any medications, check your supply of dog and cat food.
  3. Limit your media time as the anxiety that this creates induces stress and weakens the immune system (and your quality of life). It’s important to be in the know. But you don’t need to obsess over the news. The fear is outweighing the facts at this time and we each can be responsible for what we are doing with the information.
  4. Get information from quality sources such as cdc.gov and websites below.
  5. BREATHE! Practice diaphragmatic breathing as a way to calm the stress response. This will lower your stress hormone (cortisol) and support a healthier immune system as well as help you feel calmer in the chaos.
  6. Take Action to boost your immune system
      • Good restorative sleep. Research has shown that well-rested people are better at fending off viruses.
      • Exercise Daily – exercise can help promote feelings of well-being — and boost your immunity
      • Eat healthy whole foods like leafy greens that are filled with nutrients.
      • Minimize sugar and processed foods. Eating sugar and ultra-processed food increases inflammation and suppresses immune function
      • I take combination of  supplemental nutrients : CellSentials, Vitamin D, Liver support supplement, and Fish oil and Beta Glucans,  that pack  powerful punch when it comes to helping your immune system eliminate pathogens. CLICK HERE for the ones I use
      • Probiotics: Maintaining the right balance of beneficial gut flora is critical considering many of your immune cells reside in your gut. Use sauerkraut and pickles and take a probiotic supplement daily. My favorite probiotic for increasing microbial diversity which aids in resilience against infections is HERE

       10. Be Aware of Your Anxiety and talk about your fears and anxieties

    • Anxiety thrives on uncertainty. It is natural to have fear about something we have not experienced before and is changing rapidly. We are all in this together! Let’s work together toward preparation, not PANIC! The more you stress, the more vulnerable you can become to viruses, because stress can dampen your immune response.

We will survive the coronavirus just like we survived SARS (2004,) BIRD FLU (2005,) SWINE FLU (2009,) EBOLA (2014,) and the ZIKA Virus (2016.)