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Top Ten Tips on Nutrition for the Everyday Athlete


  1. Drink a minimum of 12 cups of fluids a day (at least 5 -6 cups need to be water) so cells will be well hydrated (volumized) and muscle cell synthesis and toxins out of cells will progress at optimal levels.
  2. Eat High Performance Proteins – Fish proteins stimulate the metabolism of the stored fat in our abdomen. 15-30% of total daily calories should be protein. Another way of calculating is this formula 1.4 -2.5grams/kg/day. It can go as high as 1 Gram per pound a day in high performance athletes. Eat about 30 grams of protein each time you eat (which is about 4 oz chicken
  3. Exercise fuel comes from high  fiber, low gas forming carbohydrates
  4. 60% of the mass of the brain is fat and we need the RIGHT fats – if the wrong fats replace the important fats, the cells of the brain go from being pliable to rigid and then thinking and memory and learning do not progress readily
  5. High Performance Fats need to be 25-30% of total calories .       1 egg yolk per day – has lecithin which is made up of phosphatidyl choline and serene and they function in the brain cell membrane to create channels for nutrients to pass in and toxins to pass out. Choline is an essential B vitamin and is low in the American diet. Choline is half of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine needed for thinking and moving. The average American is consuming less than half the recommended choline needed.**There has never been a study to show egg yolks raise cholesterol.
  6.  Non negotiable Products for Athletes –Essentials, Fish Oil, Grape Seed Extract, Glucosamine, Liver Support, Co Enzyme Q 10, Vitamin D, Probioti 80% of athletes have low vitamin D (below 30) ideally need to be 50. If they are below 40 their performance suffers.
  7. Caffeine is a performance enhancing aid because of reduce “perceived” exertion. 80 mg in surge pack
  8. Pre Exercise – minimal Fat goal is to have rapid stomach emptying – focus on Carbs and Protein
  9. DURING EXERCISE – 4-8 ounces water every 15 – 20 minutes
  10. POST EXERCISE – Goals – Rehydrate, repair, refuel – DRINK YOUR SHAKE RECOVERY SHAKE  – Carb + Protein – 2:1 or 4:1


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