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Sugar is the New Fat

CAPRIL SUNFor so long we were brainwashed to think fat was bad and we have been on a fat free binge. Guess what? We are getting fatter and sicker! All this time we were increasing our consumption of sugar and not realizing that sugar in all its forms is the root cause of most of the chronic disease such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, dementia, type 2 diabetes, depression, and even acne, infertility and impotence.

The average American consumes about 22 teaspoons every day and our kids consume about 34 teaspoons every day. Sugar is eight times as addictive as cocaine and the way to “detox” from sugar needs to be a biological shift. It is not just about willpower.

Here are my Top Ten Tips Tips to Begin a Detox from Sugar (taken from my book Is Your Lifestyle Killing You?

  1. Food Plan – eat protein with every meal and lots of vegetables.
  2. Exercise every day to support insulin sensitivity.
  3. Sleep well.
  4. Digestive health is essential. Take a probiotic.
  5. Take pharmaceutical-grade cellular support supplements.
  6. Seek support from others who know about sugar addiction.
  7. Manage your stress!
  8. Drink lots of water.
  9. Shop around the OUTSIDE walls of supermarket. The hidden sugars are usually on the shelves in the  middle of the store.
  10. If you need a JUMPSTART to biologically shift those sugar cravings, you can join my next Sugar Buster Group beginning May 12, 2014. Just CLICK HERE to join.

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