Stop Marketing Junk to Kids

Stop Marketing Junk to Kids

Stop Marketing Junk to Kids. Companies  shouldn’t use their marketing know-how to cultivate bad eating habits and cravings in our kids. And with the high rates of childhood obesity, urging kids to eat more frozen sugar water on a stick is bad for kids and undermines parents’ ability to feed their children healthfully.

Tweet @Unilever
and @Popsicle
and urge them to stop using children’s favorite characters to market frozen
sugar water to kids. Below is a model tweet. And please take a minute to share
this with friends and family and ask them to join in this effort.

Model Tweet: .@Unilever:
Stop using cartoon characters to market @Popsicle to kids. Leave it to parents to decide when to give kids a treat.


Margo G. Wootan, D.Sc.

Director, Nutrition Policy

Center for Science in the Public Interest