Got Sugar Cravings?

Got Sugar Cravings?

Your endless battle with dieting, sugar cravings  and low self esteem will improve when you understand the link between low serotonin and sugar cravings.

Top Ten Natural Serotonin BoostersBlood sugar levels have a profound effect on certain brain chemicals and visa versa. One of these chemicals, serotonin, is becoming better known to the public because of Prozac, the anti depressant that raises serotonin levels and brings feelings of optimism, creativity and peace of mind. When your serotonin level is low, you may feel depressed, act impulsively and have  intense cravings for alcohol, sweets or carbohydrates.

My Sugar Buster Program is based on the science of how our behaviors are driven by our brain and body chemistry and I teach you how to get off the diet roller coaster and learn the Top Ten Lifestyle Factors that boost serotonin naturally. This is the way out of the diet craziness and endless battle of the bulge!

This is my own journey and the journey of many people I have supported and many I have trained to be Sugar Buster Coaches. It is the answer many of us have been searching for and tried so hard to get free of the “crazy” sugar cravings, mood swings, low self esteem  and diet frenzy.