I am on DAY 4 of my 5 day sugar cleanse and I feel great! I knew I had a lot of fluid build up from all my travels and I have released 4 pounds of that in 3 days! It is amazing how the body knows how to come back into equilibrium when you provide the right raw materials.

RESET is a fabulous way to get back on track and shed unwanted pounds and sugar cravings. It comes in a kit and then we add vegetables.

I wanted to show you exactly what I bought today as part of my sugar busting program and these are staple parts of my food plan

1. Zucchini

2. Lettuce

3. Cherry tomatoes

4. Iced tea

5. Cucumbers

6. Zevia Ginger Ale

7. Mixed vegetable tray to saute (I have had these already)