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Replacing Toxic Teflon with a safer alternative

Ever since I read the Healthy Home Book I realized I need to chnage out my TEFLON pans. Teflon is toxic. I went to a home store and no one there could help me with an alternative so I went home without new pans. My friends at The Institute for integrative Nutrition have given me the following guidelines so I am off to try again and buy healthy cookware! Here is what they said

“I would recommend using a non-porous sterile surface like stainless steel. Cast iron is actually porous, and absorbs food, creating a build up on the outside of the skillet over time. Once it is seasoned, you are not supposed to clean it- ick! There are a lot of people who are using stoneware, which is also porous, or porcelain, which can chip easily, releasing a poison called antimone. And hopefully, everybody is aware of the dangers using aluminum cookware. My favorite is a type of stainless steel cookware that allows you to cook foods in their own moisture without boiling or steaming away nutrients.

I am so surprised how many people are still using teflon, T-FAL, or some other cookware that has a synthetic coating, or still using aluminum pots and pans. Make sure you are using surgical grade stainless steel that doesn’t contaminate your precious organic foods! And if you own a microwave, I’d get rid of it (that way you know you won’t be tempted to use it)!

I will keep you updates about my findings!!!



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