Releasing Weight and Cravings by Busting Sugar

Releasing Weight and Cravings by Busting Sugar

[youtube_sc url=””]If you  are feeling tired or listless during the day, maybe slightly overweight, or have a harried schedule and irregular eating schedules, you  might have high blood sugar cycles, and could be susceptible to type 2 diabetes. A good plan is to do a cleanse that stabilizes your blood sugar

RESET is for ANYONE who:

  • Is a slave to their cravings and finds themselves riding a hunger roller coaster each day
  • Is carrying excess weight (especially around their belly)
  • Feels tired all the time
  • Is pre-diabetic and doesn’t know it
  • Is diabetic and doesn’t know it
  • Has already been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes
  • Cares for someone with pre-diabetes or diabetes

TO  JOIN MY OCTOBER 15 5 DAY SUGAR CLEANSE, email me at [email protected]

You will actually enjoy the freedom of not being addicted to fast food and all the high-glycemic and processed carbohydrates. You will enjoy the way you
feel and your new energy level along with a sense of well being. You will also not be discouraged when you begin to shed excess pounds of fat and realize that
you are not even trying to lose weight.  You will not weigh your food or count calories.  If you become naturally hungry, you simply eat another low-glycemic meal or snack.  That’s correct, you will not go hungry


You will eat frequently, every 3 hours, for a total of three meals and two snacks a day. Eating at regular intervals keeps blood sugar steady, which helps tame hunger, prevent overeating, and maintain high energy levels. Studies show that people who eat less often during the day actually weigh more than those who consume the same number of calories but eat more frequently.