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Pure, White and Deadly – PODCAST

Pure, White and Deadly PART 1 – Why don’t we hear much about the dangers of sugar? Forty years ago, renowned physician John Yudkin sounded the alarm that sugar is bad for our health – he was ignored by the medical community. Now with current science and nutrition and the fall of the low-fat hypothesis, this “old” book is “new” again. I will share in this Podcast series how we can improve our health by paying attention to the book “Pure, White and Deadly – How Sugar Is Killing US and What We Can Do to Stop It”

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Dr Karen Wolfe is an Australian physician with a mission. She is a leading voice to discern how to use the massive amounts information in the field of mind/body medicine, nutrition and functional health. Her website is HERE and it is filled with great resources. Karen is the Principal of WellPRO International, her company dedicated to bringing an integrated healing model into the health and wellness community. WellPRO  is a group of like-minded wellness professionals dedicated to building a global health and wellness business that recognizes the vital link between joyful work, abundant health and financial prosperity.


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