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What Do You Pack for a Sanoviv Experience?

WELLPRO GROUPWhat Do You Pack for a Sanoviv Experience? As you can see in the photo, we all are given organic and comfortable clothing for us to wear during our stay. So our street clothes are all we need to take! This clothing is laundered daily. So there is very little we need to pack! Here are some essential items:

•Passport and photo ID. (If traveling from a country outside North America, you must also have a valid visa allowing you to travel to Mexico, USA, or Canada.)
•Bathing suit
•Corrective glasses or contact lenses
Shona, JUlie and RosiePrescribed Medications & Nutritionals you are currently using, enough for the duration of your stay.
•Shoes for exercise or walking
•U.S Currency or credit cards for incidentals or store charges

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