Have you heard of Orthorexia Nervosa?

Have you heard of Orthorexia Nervosa?

Have you heard of Orthorexia Nervosa?

I am finishing my studies with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and just heard a term that I find very interesting.

Dr. Steven Bratman is the first to coin the term orthorexia.  He used to be a chef and tried to sort out what was correct about dietary theories.  He says what starts as devotion can be come overly restrictive.  People can become so focused on eating a pure diet that planning and preparation of food come to be the dominate role in their lives.

This is people obsessed with the quality of the food they are eating.  They become religious about what they are eating.  Very restrictive about types of foods they eat and have a very strict diet.  It can compromise the quality of relationships because of overly restrictive eating. 

With all the obsessive focus on “GOOD” and “BAD” foods, I can see how this syndrome can happen.


1. Children need balance with eating habits amongst their peers—point being, don’t be too restrictive with kids.  

 2. Maintain good quality relationships and children will survive if the eat junk sometimes and share this with your clients. 

 3. Reevaluate the structure and beliefs in your lives.  What made sense and felt healthy at one point in your life might not be serving you any longer. 

There is no one right way