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The Number One Way to Boost Your Brain Power

Nothing protects the brain quite like regular exercise. Here is the list of why exercise is the number one way to boost your brain. Exercise is like investing in a retirement fund for your brain.

Exercise can

  1. Increase blood flow to the brain, which of course increase oxygen and nutrients to the brain.
  2. Enhance the release of chemicals known as nerve growth factors that help brain cells function properly. Nerve growth factors probably also help build new brain cells, giving the brain an extra cushion against age-related losses.
  3. helps prevent hypertension and diabetes, which are two major risk factors for dementia.
  4. seems to be especially helpful for female brains. That might make a good workout even more important because women are generally more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease compared with men of the same age. According to the Alzheimer’s Assn., two-thirds of Americans with the disease are women.

About 2.5 hours of moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise every week would be a reasonable goal.

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