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Tuesday Nutrition Topic – Is Coffee Good For You?

Probably one of the most common questions I am asked is about COFFEE! I thought I would go to the  book Integrative Nutrition to find an answer.

Basically coffee is a drug in a mug and The Integrative Nutrition book says if you are drinking more than 2 cups a day you probably have an addiction. In the short term, it is an adrenalin delivery system that jolts the body our central nervous system and gets us moving and active. In the longer term, the constant stimulation of our nervous creates stress levels that damage the resilience of the immune system and can create problems.

Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee per day, making the United States the world’s largest coffee consumer. More than half of American adults consume coffee daily, and the average consumption is about 3 cups per day.

The suggested answer is to “crowd out” coffee. It needs to be done slowly as caffeine withdrawal is not fun. Rediscover the delights of drinking tea. Green and white tea contain much lower amounts of caffeine.

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