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How to Make LinkedIn Work for YOU – PART 1

LinkedInLinkedIn is changing business. On my way to Salt Lake City today I read an article that has been waiting to be read for a few months. I have carried it in my laptop bag and just never remembered to pull it out.  I am really glad I did and now I am committing to become an active LinkedIn user.  I discovered a lot of things and as always, I love to share with you what inspired me so it might help you too. So here is what I learned about LinkedIn from the Fortune Magazine article dated July 1, 2013.

A big myth about LinkedIn, is that it is mainly a tool for finding a new job. It is so much more.


  1. An updated LinkedIn profile is becoming as important as a resume for the 2013 job search.
  2. LinkedIN’s active users spent 20 minutes on the site in April 2013 (up 17% in a year) and readers of wall Street Journal website in April spent just 10 minutes
  3. The number of users who log in at least once a month has climbed to 141 million worldwide, a 37% jump over last year.
  4. LinkedIn is becoming the single biggest repository of user-generated career data.
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