Brenda Began with the Sugar Buster Jumpstart

Brenda Began with the Sugar Buster Jumpstart

BRENDABrenda Began with the Sugar Buster Jumpstart. Brenda’s story is so powerful and I share it with you here.



I woke up on the last Tuesday morning in April and said to myself I was either going to accept where I was and know that I would probably die an obese person going into a size 4 X and then 5 X or I would do whatever I had to do to regain my life and my health.

 That very day I talked with Dr. Karen and I started the program on Thursday, May 6, 2010.

 During the next four months, I shed 45 pounds of fat.  I felt unbelievably wonderful.  As each day passed, I felt better and better.

 Knowing what I I know now, I understand how much abuse my body had endured with the unhealthy lifestyle I had accepted and lived.  I had convinced myself that I just couldn’t lose weight and the sabotaging behaviors and destructive lifestyle continued.

 What I didn’t know at the time was that I was insulin resistant and sugar sensitive.  I didn’t know the science behind glycemic stress and carb addiction.  Through webinars, education, and support I learned how to care for my body by incorporating low-glycemic eating, drinking lots of good water, and supporting my cells with good supplements.  I was being restored mentally and physically. Brenda S , MO