This week I have been attending a summit on the link between the gut and the brain. A big message for me was that stomach acid is critical to good brain function.

Yet, so many people are blocking acid production with chronic use of acid blocking drugs.

We need proper stomach acid production to trigger the rest of the digestive process so we get optimal nutrient absorption.

Stomach acid is critical to

  1. break down and emulsify protein molecules.
  2. help trigger intrinsic factor which is a molecule that helps with B12 absorption.
  3. reduce the microbial load by sterilizing the gut.
  4.  help close the esophageal sphincter.
  5.  stimulate the opening of the pyloric sphincter which is the opening at the bottom of the stomach and the small intestine ( get food out of the stomach or else it can just sit in there and ferment and putrefy).

We need enough acid to actually close the sphincter that protects the esophagus from the stomach acid from jumping up. So if we don’t have enough stomach acid, then we’re much more likely to develop acid reflux and GERD.

Definitely talk this over with your physician or health care provider.