I love to share with you what I am learning at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I just completed a module on vegetarianism and here are different “kinds” of vegetarians.

  1. Fishatarian Diet – eat fish. (More or less a macrobiotic diet)
  2. Chickenatarian Diet – eat chicken
  3. Lactoovovegetarian – eat dairy and eggs
  4. Lactovegeatarian – eat milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream
  5. Vegan – no animal food of any sort and don’t wear leather or consume honey
  6. Fruitarian – only eat vegetables. Only fruit. Sometimes people are fruitarian in the morning. Be careful of fruit juice smoothies in morning because of sugar quantity. The body has to deal with the sugar to maintain blood sugar levels. More is not better
  7. Breatharians – do not eat any food at all!
  8. Raw Foods – no other species on this planet eats any form of food other than raw food. We are the ones who are destroying the environment. Raw food people say God made food in the perfect form and volatile ingredients are destroyed in cooking process. Other side is bioavailability of certain ingredients are increased in cooking process. Ongoing debate. Significant weight loss of raw food diet. David Wolfe will talk about SUPER FOODS – nutrient density foods you do not want to miss.
  9. Raw Meat Diet – (a version of Raw food diet) accept theory that food in its original form is ideal so they eat raw meat