Freedom from Sugar Cravings

Freedom from Sugar Cravings

 As a wellness professional, I am on a mission to create freedom from sugar cravings so you can

1. Shift from craving sugar to craving healthy, nourishing foods that make you feel GREAT

2.Get back in the driver’s seat, and stop letting sugar hijack your life.

  • 3. Have more balanced and consistent energy throughout your day

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  1. Hormonal fluctuations. cyclical hormonal and neurotransmitter fluctuations
  2. Stress. stressful jobs and lifestyles can lead to to a pattern of nighttime cravings, over-eating, and unwanted weight gain.
  3. Insulin resistance results in cravings for sugar because even though you may be eating enough, your cells aren’t able to access the food.
  4. Food sensitivities. Food sensitivities are often the result of a situation known as “leaky gut,”
  5. Intestinal yeast or systemic candidiasis. Yeast thrives on sugar
  6. A lack of sweetness in your life. The joy we find in our lives speaks to our biochemistry. So when we are lacking positive energy and happiness, it’s not surprising that we seek to fill that void with sugar.