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Finding Gratitude, Hope and Love in a Time of Hardship – PODCAST

At a time of so much change in our world, it is normal to feel anxiety, fear, stress, depression. Today I focus on how to find gratitude, hope and love as we navigate this global pandemic together. Here are ten things I do to immediately SHIFT from fear to faith even in this time of “physical distancing”:

  1. Phone a friend and check in with them
  2. Check in on a neighbor to see if they need any food
  3. Download the “CALM APP” and choose a nature scene
  4. Listen to calming music
  5. Dance with no one watching
  6. Go outside and WALK
  7. Cuddle my dog (and my husband)
  8. Listen to my favorite UPLIFTING song “Walking On Sunshine”
  9. Have a warm bath with lavender bubble bath
  10. Immerse myself in my fiction book
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