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Do This At Least 3 Times A Week

Do This At Least 3 Times A Week. Do you want to improve your mood and metabolism, have more energy and feel great? Today’s podcast episode talks about the most efficient way to have this!

What do you think it is ?

Do This At Least 3 Times A Week

Raised heart Rate Activity

Such as a brisk walk, dancing, mini trampoline (rebounding)

What Is Mild Cognitive Impairment?

MCI (the term used for Mild Cognitive Impairment). is a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease development

Do This At Least 3 Times A WeekHow Much Exercise?

Aerobic exercise appeared to reduce cognitive impairment — a finding that may help guide future Alzheimer’s disease research, according to study results published in Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

This is the first study to assess brain function benefits of performing aerobic exercise for 12 months.

30 participants aged 60 years or older with mild cognitive impairment were grouped into two groups and studied for 12 months.

GROUP 1 aerobic exercise training group

GROUP 2 – stretch training/control group

Three times per week, both groups engaged in 25 to 30 minutes of training, with a gradual increase in frequency and duration over time.

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