Digestive Help for the Holidays

Digestive Help for the Holidays

Want some digestive help for the holidays? Over 100 million American’s suffer from digestive upset. Maintaining a healthy digestive system year round can be difficult for anyone. Maintaining it during the holiday season is a whole other game. Between the months of October and January, consuming more unhealthy fats,sugars, and extra holiday treats is the norm.  Consequently, these eating habits can lead to digestive issues including upset stomach, diarrhea, heartburn and acid reflux. Watch my video to learn ways to keep a healthy digestive system!

Meanwhile, here are some Holiday Eating Tips to prevent digestive problems over the holiday season.

1.    Eat slowly. This allows your body to recognize when you’re full.

2. Limit processed foods. Too many processed foods can cause “bad” bacteria and yeast growth inside your stomach. This extra bacteria and yeast collide with good bacteria and wreak havoc.

3. Drink more water; limit soda and alcohol.Water keeps your digestive track on point.

4. Keep yourself active.  During the holiday season, it’s easy to be a couch potato. Try taking a social walk with your family to keep your digestive track active.

5. Take your probiotic every day.

6. Fill up on fiber! Fiber is a prebiotic that acts as a fertilizer for the good bacteria it also helps you feel fuller longer. Lots of leafy greens and vegetables have fiber galore!