Digestion PART 2 – Got Constipation?

Digestion PART 2 – Got Constipation?

Abdominal CrampsThe average bowel movement is 1.5 pounds! Our colon was designed by nature to hold a few pounds of feces in transit. When a person gets constipated, the colon may be holding 10, 20 or more lbs. The weight by itself is not the problem, but the volume is – large, heavy stools enlarge and stretch out the colon, irritate the colon, harm the anal canal, and may produce toxins related to fermentation and rotting.

Here are some practical solutions to improve your elimination.

Step 1 Take in more oil
So many of us are scared of eating fat and oil and our colon has paid the price. Consume more good oils in the form of omega-3 fats. Cold-pressed flaxseed oil in salad dressings an the ideal source of omega-3 fatty acids for healing constipation.

Step 2 Wake up to a glass of warm water with lemon juice. Drink warm tea with a bit of lemon juice in the morning and throughout the day.

Step 3 Watch the Cold Foods
Cold foods can bind up the organs, preventing them from relaxing. In order to have healthy bowel movements, your body needs to be able to relax. Warm teas, like chamomile, or holy basil are especially beneficial for healing constipation.

Step 4  Supplement with probiotics.

Take an advanced dosage of probiotics each day. CLICK HERE to see the probiotic I take. When I travel I take 2 of these every day.

Step 5 .Check Your Stress Level

We feel our emotions in our body. Our gut has its own nervous system and is often called our second brain. When stress increases, our gut feels it too!

Step 6 Magnesium
Consume 400-500 mg of Magnesium Citrate each day- 200-250 mg in the morning and 250 mg in the evening.

Step 7 Stay hydrated!

Drinking coconut water and vegetables juices throughout the day is beneficial for healing constipation. Warm coconut water is optimal.

Step 8 Coconut Water
Drink coconut water throughout the day and see if that helps move things along.

Step 9 Increase Fiber
Fiber is a prebiotic food and feeds the good bacteria in the body. Fiber is a GREAT prebiotic and it has many other benefits including pulling toxins out of the body, increasing our sense of “fullness” (called satiation) and improving elimination.

Step 10 Take a detox bath at night
Use lavender oil, chamomile oil, and magnesium rich epsom salts. While in detox bath, lightly massage intestines for two or three minutes. The Epsom salts gets more magnesium in your system