RESET BUTTONiStock_000011406179XSmallMost of us have sugar blues. In my new book Is Your Lifestyle Killing You (release date is April 20) I have some specific suggestions for getting off the sugar roller coaster. Here are four tips

1. Watch out for liquid sugars  

Soda or fruit juices are like liquid candy. Sodas are full of chemicals and high fructose corn syrup. Processed fruit juices are awash in sugar. Try sticking with water and green tea. Green tea contains plant chemicals that are good for your health. 

2. Artificial sugars trick the brain

The artificial sweeteners in diet drinks can  fool the body into thinking it is ingesting sugar, which creates the same insulin spike as regular sugar.

3. Do a Sugar Cleanse

My next Sugar Buster Group begins April 1. SIGN UP HERE

4. Eat protein with every meal

Protein and complex carbohydrates helps balance serotonin levels and can reduce cravings