Thinking for Success

Thinking for Success

[youtube_sc url=””]Even the best change in diet will little help an individual who is unwilling to alter their negative thoughts. In fact, one can never alter their diet beyond a certain degree until the thoughts change first.”                   

                                                                                    David Wolfe, The Sunfood Diet Success System

Each of us has a series of thoughts running through our minds all the time. Your thoughts belong to your conditioned mind and are a product of your past history as well as the collective cultural mind-set you inherited. For most of us, it is not uncommon for our thoughts to be our worst enemy. The good news is we can free ourselves from our minds.

We all have self-limiting beliefs. If you believe you do not, that is a signal that you are not aware of them. When you are not aware of them they are actually more powerful than when you are aware of them.

Create a list of the self-limiting beliefs that are often present in your mind. Need help? Examples might be

I AM NOT ……. I AM ……..
Smart Ugly
Organized Dumb
As good as…… Messy
Good Looking Loud
Important Disorganized
Thin enough Clumsy
Strong Too big
Good Enough Bad
Loveable At fault

Now, REPLACE each of your SELF LIMITING BELIEFS  with a SELF ENHANCING BELIEF and say it over and over. It will feel strange at first because it is so contrary to your “usual” thinking, but soon it will become your new way of thinking!

Remember this is not about right or wrong, or good and bad, it is simply about being aware of the thoughts that are creating the results in your life.