Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?Can you feel the love tonight? The words of this song came to my mind as I was thinking about the term “social distancing”. I have never liked this term as I know the science of how social connections support wellness and how love and gratitude literally balance our nervous system.

People and families already struggling with mental health disorders, substance misuse and so much more, are now also finding themselves hit with job loss, isolation, mounting anxiety and the overwhelming stress that accompanies school closures. We need support systems!

What I Know for Sure

Relationships can be the protector of health.

How we are loved, how we love each other and how we love and care for ourselves not only impact chronic disease but also resilience, depression and anxiety, sleep issues and performance.

Self-care is the True Health Care!

At this time, I am delighted to share with you the The Love is Medicine Project Documentary Series.

This will help you get back to who you really are so that through accepting the love around you, though practicing the self-love of self-care and self-accountability, you will heal all areas of your life.

In this 7-Day Documentary Series you will hear not only from dozens of renowned experts on natural medicine, but also from emotional, relationship and spiritual leaders.

And most importantly, you will learn how you can apply these teachings and help everyone you know to embrace a happier, healthier life even during times like these.

  • How to increase resiliency and immunity
  • How to overcome anxiety and depression (especially during times of physical distancing)
  • The role of trauma in the manifestation if disease
  • How we can heal by adjusting our mindset
  • How to heal your relationship with your environment
  • The role of intuition in changing our habits and behaviors

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Can You Feel the Love Tonight?Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Here is the schedule of topics for the Documentary Series.

Episode 1: It’s NOT all in your Head
May 21 – 9pm Eastern (USA)

Episode 2: How We Get Sick

May 22 – 9pm Eastern (USA)

Episode 3: Where Healing Comes From
May 23 –  9pm Eastern (USA)

Episode 4: Healing the Past, Healing the Future
May 24  – 9pm Eastern (USA)

Episode 5: Self-Love, Loving Others
May 25 –  9pm Eastern (USA)

 Episode 6: The Body’s Wisdom 

May 26 – 9pm Eastern (USA)

 Episode 7: Love is Medicine
May 27 – 9pm Eastern (USA)

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